a little friday morning drama

That moment when I wonder if my life is about to change forever or maybe it’ll even be the end of it. Sounds a little dramatic… BUT, when people walk into my house without knocking first or letting me know they’re coming, then yes, MANY thoughts run through my head. This could just be the end of my life as I know it.

This morning, I was sitting on my reclining couch, drinking a much needed cup of coffee, and working on my writing project. The front door was open to let the sunshine in and listen to the chirping of birds (I have a storm door). I don’t work on Fridays so it felt like a perfect relaxing morning, until I heard the storm door open.

I thought, oh maybe it wasn’t closed right and the wind opened it.

But then I hear it close along with the FRONT DOOR as well. I heard it latch completely… AND then I hear it LOCK! (insert many dramatic emoji-faces here)

By now my heart was beating out of control and I became very weak. I thought my worst nightmare has become reality and someone came to rob me. When I heard the door lock, I asked,” WHO ARE YOU?” I stayed seated on the couch but couldn’t see the door. My phone was on the charger about 4 feet away and i was wearing a long T-shirt with no PANTS. No make-up, and my hair not brushed. AHHHHH, for heavens sake, could I be more unprepared to be robbed??? 🙁

A guy walks around the corner into the living area and says, “I am here to see Ryan.”

And by the look on his face he had no idea that he was in the wrong house. he looked very unconcerned and right at home.

“Is Ryan not here?” He asked when I told him he scared the living daylights out of me.

“No! Ryan is not here, you have the wrong house, I don’t know anyone named Ryan around here!” I was practically yelling by now.

Then FINALLY his faced changed into a mortified look. “Dang, all these houses look the same.” He turned around and apologized as he left.

I couldn’t say anything more, nothing else would come out of my mouth. My house has a number above the garage door, so I don’t know if maybe he didn’t see it or Ryan gave him the wrong address.

That was the end of that. SMH. Do people not knock or ring the doorbell anymore??

I have real clothes on now and was even able to laugh about this nerve-wrecking event with my bestie on the phone. 🙂

All is well again! Happy Friday

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  1. Emma. My Dear, do you own a 9mm.?By all means. If you don’t have one get one.  No Ryan is not here. Would you like to meet Jesus?   BOOM.Hope you were ready to meet your maker. Sorry Buster, you should have knocked.OH My.. May be a little extreme.Be Safe Emma. We Love  Ura

  2. Oh my goodness! Can you get a lock for your screen door? Thank God you are okay. The fact he didn’t respond to you when you are obviously upset is very scary. Stay safe.

  3. Time to start locking your doors, unfortunately. Opend the windows, but not the doors.
    I am glad you are safe.

  4. This happened to me once, too! A man burst in my front door (door not open, but it was unlocked) and he started running up my stairs. My dog and I were in my office by the front door, and I immediately screamed “You get out of here!” Dog was barking but confused (not the best guard dog).

    Man apologized, said he was working on the house next door and wasn’t paying attention to which driveway he was walking up; too busy reading his notes or something. But he seemed more amused than apologetic, so even when I saw him go into the house next door I wasn’t sure my neighbor had given him permission either (due to his unmarked white van and no company clothes). Police did come to talk to him.

    All was OK, but I lock my front door now, realizing it only takes 10 seconds for someone to get from our street to the inside of my home.(I miss the old days of no locked doors.) There are also some crimes of opportunity that happen more often now, where someone driving by sees an open garage or door, and thinks they can just race into a house and grab something quickly. I still think it was weird that the guy locked the door at your place after he came in, if he was just looking for a friend. It’s possible he was planning to take some things but didn’t want the complication of dealing with a person in the home. Unless he wanted to be sure his friend Ryan was safe, haha. But it sounds like he never answered your question, “Who are you?”

  5. Sorry to hear about your encounter. Take all measures t keep yourself safe. That would really have frightened me here in little old Midwestern Minnesota.

  6. I am so glad that you are alright , just goes to show how fast our lives can change dramatically. Blessings to you .

  7. Scary but if you truly believe in Jesus nothing can harm. I see lonely Amish girl maybe 35 – 40ish here seems wants to go but can’t..male escort all the time but we still talk.I hope they didn’t make her do weird stuff, she is so nice, but she seems lost…she is one of those who doesnt drive or not allowed and gets escorted by a bearded man in a vehicle but he doesn’t dress Amish..she seems happy but such sadness in her smile, like she…I do not know..please explain

  8. Thieves will often try doors and if they encounter someone, they’ll claim it was a mistake. If you’d drifted off to sleep you might have been robbed. At least that’s what I’ve heard and it makes sense to me. I don’t actually know any thieves as far as I know, lol!

  9. I believe in Yahushua Jesus. I believe in celebrating the Sabbath. I believe that some people are meant to live the Old World lifestyle and do not fit in with the SMARTPHONES and busy lifestyles that have only existed less than a 100 years and I believe I am coming back.. from that lifestyle. I feel like all this internet, pictures, smartphones, it can be a TRAP that people fall into with complicated contracts that God doesn’t want us to get in.

  10. No one knows how bad it is, and if they did we would ALL be living in farmstyle communities. I seriously believe in the Apocolapse that something REALLY BAD is coming, Aliens, Machines from the Future, Evil Govt entities wanting to make war, I don’t know, but it is COMING. I would be prepared in thought and in deed, did you know ‘for’ means exchange?

    For you, doesn’t mean free, it means in exchange. So I would be careful when a wolves in sheeps clothing comes to smooth talk you. If everyone knew that there are demonic entities running companies who put complicated legal agreements on their sites, NO ONE WOULD USE TECHNOLOGY. They don’t know what they are agreeing to. I would be really careful and thank God you had a great family.

  11. Dear Ex-Amish girl, just saw your website listed on MAP website while looking at books. Skipped over to this thread and although it’s an older one, decided to reply. Quite interesting to read all of the replies, but i certainly agree with the main consensus of keeping your doors locked! My take on locked doors is it keeps the predator safe from the home defenders! LOL Kidding aside however, we live in a fallen world, and having lived in it for a very long time (as an unbeliever and now as a believer) one must face the reality that there are plenty of evil people out there who like to do harm to others, and we are to be wise and guard against them. So much is changing, even within the past few years! A locked door gives you a few moments of time to prepare to defend yourself if need-be. Screechwolf’s response was similar in some ways to the same line of thought as myself. I’ve read of and known victims who have experienced scarring events, and i know that i do not want to be in their shoes if at all possible. I hope the same for others. Be safe my friend! 🙂

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