Living Life on the Edge the Wrong Way

My Monday started like any other day, actually it was better than any other day of the week, it was so good that I forgot that it was one of those dreaded Monday’s everyone always love to hate. But as I left work, Monday finally showed it’s nasty rear end…but I managed to laugh at myself later.

After work, I went to the post office to mail off books and pick-up a package. As I left the post office, I was looking at the package I had just received (something personal from a family member) and I was having mixed emotions about it. And as I was driving downtown the big city of Arlington and deep in thought about my family…I decided to make a right turn and go a different route home. When I made that turn, a big red sign flashed in my face that said “DO NOT ENTER” whoooops! I just entered a one way street and there are three-lanes of cars coming straight at me. I quickly pulled over to a curb side parking spot and just sat there, hyperventilating big time. I didn’t dare to look out the window for fear that people would be laughing at my stupidity. But I peeked, and the cars kept coming and coming… there was no end in sight. I realized I wouldn’t be able to turn around with all the traffic. I was screwed.

I thought about my options. Call 911? No that would be really weird. Calling a police station might be better, but it was still embarrassing… finally I picked up my phone and called God – I prayed really hard for a way out of my jam, by now almost 8 minutes had passed and there were still cars coming on all three lanes. As I sat there with my eyes closed and head bowed, I decided to take another peek outside… what my eyes saw was just unbelievable! A TRAIN was crossing the big highway… and the traffic was gone… all the cars were stopped on the other side of the train track. Praise God for trains I yelled as I made a U-turn and was finally going the right direction 🙂

I was so thrilled by God’s quick respond to my emergency prayer that I accidently ran two red lights and I was driving over the speed limit. Holy Crap, I better get a grip on my driving I thought… I swear it got worse since I moved to the city about 2 month ago. So from now on I am going to drive like an old lady or man, because I want to live long enough to travel to Australia for a vacation and grow-up enough to get married someday. Plus I could be saving someone else’s life too, which was the MOST important part. I shutter at the thought of being a reckless driver and hurting someone or worse taking someone’s life.

My advice: don’t drive like this Amish girl in the city does. 😉

11 thoughts on “Living Life on the Edge the Wrong Way”

  1. God is always on time! He just wants us all to depend on him for everything. What an awesome God we serve!

  2. I love this story, all of your blog posts speak great volumes to me. I wanted to reach out to you because I came across your blog due to a research project I have to complete for a communication course I am taking at West Chester University in Pennsylvania; in which I have to observe or interview someone that originates from a different culture then I do. Reading your blogs, I became very interested in your story and considered concentrating on the Amish community for my topic of choice. I was not sure how else to contact you, but if you would be interested in possibly letting me ask you a few questions I would greatly appreciate it. Either way continue with writing this blog and remember you got the attention of and inspired me in so many ways! Thank you.


  3. As a small town girl who moved to a city right after college, I’ve been there! Keep relying on God. He answers prayers for sure.

  4. Bravo beta !!
    welcome to our mainstream world. It requires tremendous courage to go off-track and live your life.
    I am a teacher from India, today morning I heard you on BBC world service. Beware of this world, because it’s full of cruel people.
    Good people are there but very few.
    Wish you all the best, Emma.

  5. I came across your blog thanks to an Instagram picture you posted with the #amish. This blog post in particular got my attention as I live in Australia. Can I ask what in particular makes you want to come to Australia? Don’t get me wrong I love Australia, I was born and raised here and don’t have any plans to move but I’ve always been fascinated by the Amish culture (although I’m not sure how accurate my knowledge is as literature is often embellished) and I just wondered what in particular about Australia got your attention? Also, do you know if your memoir is available in Australia? Or can be shipped? I’d love to read it.

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