Now I Can See

It is hard to put into words exactly how the mission trip to Nepal has impacted me. It changed me as a human being. I now feel ashamed to walk into a grocery store and have all the options of every kind of food imaginable. I have the option have cooking whatever I want or go to a gazillion restaurants during a course of a year. In Nepal – eating rice is a luxury, but it is also a staple food for them and is a preferred meal rather than a hamburger.

It took time to get used to the hectic all-over-road-disoriented-traffic and pollution. I would flinch every time I had to cross a busy intersection because I felt like a walking target for some little Tuk Tuk to run over me. There are no stop signs at all so you can only imagine the chaos. Even in America, it’s sometimes scary to cross a road WITH a stop sign because you never know who’s flying through the streets only to get to a bathroom or running from the police :-). However, the chaos and flinching stopped once our group left the city of Kathmandu and made our across the magnificent, indescribable Himalayas Mountains to a quiet village near Hetauda, Nepal. It was peaceful there. Hot, but peaceful.

I loved this baby girl so much!
I loved this baby girl so much!

We stayed at a church hosted by the most humble and happiest people ever. They made us feel like we belonged in the village, which helped us to prepare ourselves for the task at hand; walking to different homes hidden in cornfields and hills to pray and be the light for the sick people, broken and poor people, and rebuilt houses for those affected by the earthquake. Sometimes my eyes saw NOTHING in those dirt-floor buildings called homes, but yet those living in them thought they have everything… meaning they have all they need and are grateful. Sometimes we need to see nothing in order to realize we have everything we could ever possibly need. God provides always. I went to Nepal – not to shove religion down people’s throats, but to be the light. TO BE LOVE!! That is what Christians are called to do, wherever, whenever, and everywhere, no matter what religion or culture. This story could go on….forever. With Love, Emma G.

IMG_2944 (2)
A momma and her baby cleaning her home.
Playful happy boys!
Playful happy boys!
The group visiting with the locals :-)
The group visiting with the locals 🙂
She has some big shoes to fill :-)
She has some big shoes to fill 🙂

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  1. What lovely sentiment – apologies I have just found your blog… I would find it fascinating if the amish title is correct? I find the philosophy fascinating… I am so impressed you write like you do and do what you do…

  2. I loved reading this last post as I always love reading your writing. I am so proud of your mission work you did recently and all you saw and accomplished. Isn’t it great how God has brought you full circle and allowed you to see his great work in many different ways, not just one way like so many of us think. You are just a treasure to me as I read your blog. You are a great person and bless so many people. Thank you for all you do and continue to do. ❤️

  3. Hi I’m so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! I would love to get in contact with you! I have family members living in a community like you did although they were sent their! shes of age to leave but I don’t know if she knows she can leave how did you know I would love for you to help me out! Please please !

  4. Hi Emma today i searched more about Amish community in website.
    I hope that the best and precious traits you got from your community are humility and compassion.
    I will follow your posts from today.

    Indeed, i just wish to marry an Amish girl.

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