The Best New Years Day Ever!

I am thrilled to finally announce that I signed a publishing contract with Progressive Rising Phoenix Press. It is great news to share on the first day of 2014!. I wanted to give up on this process countless times but with the right people giving me support I went onward. I will keep everyone updated as things move along 🙂

Thank you Amanda Thrasher and Jannifer Powelson it will be amazing to work with you ladies!

What a fantastic way to kick of 2014! Progressive Rising Phoenix Press is proud to announce we’ve signed Emma Gingerich, author of RUNAWAY AMISH GIRL: The Great Escape – a memoir. Emma left the Amish community, seven years ago, at the age of eighteen. Her story discusses the pressures that forced her to leave, the emotional turmoil that she endured, and the destruction of her family. Her desire for additional education, combined with a willingness to maintain a relationship with her family is gut wrenching. The memoir gives readers a rare glimpse of what her life has been like growing up Amish, leaving against her families will, and adjusting to a modern world.

8 thoughts on “The Best New Years Day Ever!”

  1. Hello, this is Harold and Dixie Bowen. We live on N, just about a mile past the Eagleville truck stop. We seen your article in the Bethany Newspaper, and we thought we would get on here to try to get a hold of you. We used to drive a black dodge pick-up. We are glad to here you are doing well. We are looking forward to your new book coming out. We communicate all the time with you uncle Pete, and aunt Katie.

    1. Hi Harold and Dixie,
      So nice to hear from you! I think I know which house you are talking about. Do you have facebook? If you do, you can click on the fan page at the top here and it will redirect you to my facebook and we can communicate through there. If not, here’s my email: Thank you for your support!

      All the best,

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