The story continues

Something scary happened on Friday the 13th. I am not a superstitious human, but for those who are, just keep reading 🙂 . I started the day groggily and dull like usual.  5:30 A.M. started off with a cup of coffee to prepare me for the day, so I wouldn’t silently kill anyone with my thoughts. I had great anticipation that it would be scary (in an exciting way) and knew it would put an additional layer of pressure on my already busy adventurous life. Just what I like! I drove to Fort Worth and met with my publisher, Amanda Thrasher, who owns Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, for lunch. The lunch meeting consisted of me getting a full traditional contract offered for the SECOND book!. Yep, that’s the scary part that happened! Might not be scary to y’all but for me it’s a new kind of scary.

I will be out of my comfort zone once again as I continue sharing my story of emotional stress, depression, and most of all success!  I agreed to sign the traditional contract and now the pressure is on to continue writing. I’ve already started it, so hopefully in early 2017 the second book will be ready! I am a tad nervous, but I am also super excited because I am in great hands. Amanda will be guiding me and she is the best role model out there! I also have fans who motivate me to continue going. So keep the motivation coming!

New traditional contract accepted for second book
New traditional contract accepted for second book


9 thoughts on “The story continues”

  1. So proud of what you’ve done with your life Emma! Congrats and can’t wait to read your next book!

  2. You are doing great things Emma, Congratulations and Go Gettum!

  3. Hi, I found your blog because there was a feature article on about you. I will be following along. I’m in Australia and know very little about the Amish life apart from what I’ve seen on some documentaries.Congrats on your second book!

  4. Emma…yours is so near like my story…I understood every bit of it. My heart goes with you. Hope I get to meet you someday. Looking forward to your 2nd book.

  5. Dear Emma, my name is Irina, I saw your interview on GMA today morning. I was so happy for You. I wanted to hear every word, that You said about your life. You are runaway amish girl, but my son just recently a couple of years ago became Menonite. You are out and I am in. I am a mother of 30 years old son who became truly religious an got fascinated with plain people lifestyle. If I will not support him, he will cut me off from his life. Emma dear, I pray and cry , asking God to show me the way. I am a Russian Orthodox beliver, I am a nurse, I take care about people. I don’t know is it a curse or blessing.In the morning I was trying to call to GMA to try my luck to talk to you. My house is open for you in New York. I had been in Missouri many times and I understand you so much, you can be my daughter , that I will never have.Please, let me know, you read my text written in tears. My son is going to be married, I need to talk to somebody who will understand both worlds. He is going to be married, but it is only sounds like that, I will tell you more. I need your advice, please.Here is my e-mail [email protected] I hope we can talk???

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