When it’s awkward

I wish I would look this pretty and not-awkward when I hold my own book.

I don’t know this author, but am happy to model the book for him in a awkward selfie photo. I took a 100 something selfies before I was satisfied, but now I am using the first one I took. Always happens. I don’t understand how people do selfie-Tuesdays every week. Or is it selfie-Saturdays?? I don’t remember. My smile hurt by the time I was done. I hope Sammy Rhodes appreciates my efforts.

I spontaneously bought this book on amazon after seeing it on twitter. The twit was twatted by Sean Lowe – the famous bachelor from Dallas who married Catherine on TV. So of course I had to buy it since it was recommended by someone who has a million fans.

In this book, the author talks about parents being gifts and are not returnable ;-).  But really, he dugged deep into his wounds when his parents divorced when he was still a kid and his struggle with depression into grown-up-hood. It is written in a light-hearted, hilarious way, but still is able to make the reader feel emotions – sad and happy. It is hard to open up to painful experiences we fear people will judge us the most, but it is so good and freeing for the soul. Opening up allows healing to begin. Enjoy your awkward moments 🙂

This is awkward

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  1. Hey, I am doing a Personal Interest Project for school in Australia and have decided to do it on the oppression of women in religion and extreme religious circumstances. I discovered your blog recently and would absolutely love to hear what you have to say on this topic. 🙂

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